Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October is breast cancer awareness month! This is especially dear to me because my good friend and aunt have both survived breast cancer. My team is walking this Friday in the Atlanta Breast Cancer 3 Day. We are so excited about the trip. We raised over $25,000 as a team. We've all been training for months and hopefully we'll make it. What a great accomplishment! I'll be updating my Facebook page with pics and comments throughout the weekend.

We have a special 7th birthday planned for Maci on October 31st. This year it's a Halloween Birthday party for the first time. She is super excited. We are keeping it a mostly cute theme but have one "haunted room". You guessed...Caleb's room.
The kids are doing great in school. Caleb joined three clubs (somewhat by force), but he loves it. Kayli has already read about 15 books already. Yikes! Kayli and Maci have had 3 horseback riding lessons and are learning to lead the horse and jog. Maci has already been the high flier this year, which is the student of the week. Adia is the head patrol in the fifth grade class. She's also volunteering to work at the school store and started in K Kids. We are planning to Walk for Autism in November with Adia's school. Adia still assists with the autistic children.

Happy Halloween and love, hugs and kisses! XOXOXO

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