Monday, August 10, 2009

Adia Only

This post is about Adia only. Typically I like to write about all the kids but I believe Adia deserves the spotlight all to herself. Adia has had a great summer with her sports. She started out being chosen for the All Star softball team and did so great. Adia pitched and stunned us as usual. Due to some poor coaching decisions, her team did not place. Hopefully, next year coach Tony Green will be making the decisions (hint, hint).

Adia is currently playing basketball and has quite the following of fans. This past game, a mother from the other team came up to tell her she was "awesome". Adia's team is in second place and her first championship game is this Friday. Here is a video of one of many hoops from her last game.

You know we're proud parents when Tony posted this video on his Facebook and then commented that he's her agent. He never discussed the agent part with me though! I know we brag but Adia really is an amazing athlete. She usually outscores the other team all by herself. That's all I have time to write today. Next month I will spotlight one of the other kids. They are all doing great and look forward to going back to school.